Our own mind can be a prison. Constantly focusing on yourself. Your needs. Your desires. Your need to control everything around you. Your own view of everything. Judging others. Seeing unfairness. Re-living regrets. Memories of past wrongs you already confessed many times. A stream of negative thoughts and emotions. Unfulfilled hopes and dreams.  Anxiousness about where you are today. Fear of other people. Fear of punishment. Fear of being lost. Fear of a lack of true friends. Fear of rejection. Being laughed at.  Doubts. Fears. Sorrow. Unbelief. Struggle. Your own mind can be a prison, but there is a sanctuary in the distance.  A sanctuary not made with hands.  And you don’t have to search for it on your own!

The purpose of this app is to help you on your journey to finding inner peace.  You can track your daily progress on 7 dimensions of peace, as well as follow a 3 month Bible study.  The study is complete with about 300 Biblical references and 90 real world experiences.

We are not our tempting thoughts unless we choose to follow them.  Temptation begins in the heart.  We need to choose to leave our broken nature alone and not follow its desires.  When I begin to notice that I’m being tempted I recognize there are dark places in my heart.  I ask God to not let the dark places of my heart control me.  Just as David said, “how can I know all the sins lurking in my heart?”  My own mind keeps me from peace.  My own heart keeps me from peace.  And I am powerless to fix it.  When my mind won’t let go of the past, when my heart won’t let go of a temping thought, I am unable to find peace on my own.  But if I ask for help, if I let go of my desire to control everything, if I humbly submit to God then He can step in.  He can make a way where there was no way.  He can give me peace beyond understanding.  He can heal all my wounds.  He can lead me to the still waters.

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My own experience in using the tracking tool in this app is that after 30 days I realized I wasn’t truly forgiving of others.  I also learned I didn’t show love as much as I thought I did.  And both of those things keep me from finding deeper peace.  What will you discover about yourself?