Outline Coach

Have you ever been afraid of giving a speech or presentation?  Have you ever felt like you weren’t prepared or were overwhelmed by all the information you wanted to communicate?  Did you ever worry that others would not be interested in what you had to say or that they would laugh at you?  Have you ever worried that you simply weren’t good enough? Did you ever just not know where to start or how to organize your thoughts?

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The Outline Coach combines years of experience delivering engaging presentations at all levels of business with both proven western behavioral science and eastern philosophy.  For thousands of years humans have known how to overcome fear and manage their emotions. This app offers tools for better understanding yourself and connecting emotionally with your audience. For decades scientists have researched why we behave the way we do. This app offers key perspectives, such as emotional stickiness, motivation & urgency, and argument theory. And for the past 17 years Dr. Brian Barnes has researched and delivered compelling presentations. This app includes development of a value proposition, hooks, case studies, and a vision of the future. There are 37 key techniques covered which you can configure to your own needs.

Let the app coach you with key techniques. Get help organizing all of your information. Put it into the structure of a compelling story. And optimize your outline for maximum effect! You can then optionally print or e-mail it, or save it in your Dropbox.

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