Are you living the life you are called to live?  Do we really know how to live? Are you the salt of the earth?  What can we learn from the Good Samaritan, the Samaritan woman at the well, the healed Samaritan, and the cities of the Samaritans?  Why was a rejected people used so often in parables?

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Explore how a rejected people was compared to a chosen people and what lessons that may mean for your own life.  Where in your life do you feel chosen? Where in your life do you feel rejected? Take just a few minutes each day with this devotional to deepen your own spiritual connection. You may even discover a secret path, a narrow gate, and hidden truths that will be revealed through Grace to you. Find the real you behind the masks and live in spirit and in truth. Find the real God behind the veil and worship in Spirit and in truth. The truth will set you free.

For believers and non-believers alike this journey will challenge our popular culture of Christianity.  This will challenge even your own understanding of what it means to truly be Christian.  This devotional will guide you through four keys to developing a deeper spiritual relationship.  Then it will guide you through four keys to developing deeper relationships with others.  On these two things hang all the law and prophets.  Truly be the salt of the earth!

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