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Are you struggling in life?  Are you looking for inner peace?  Do you seek relief from suffering?  Go on a journey with us to turn negative emotions into positive praise, to feel better, to enter a sanctuary not made with hands, and learn to be the salt of the earth through the examples of the outcast!

Our Mobile Apps / Aplicaciones / 我们的软件
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icon-sanctuary Sanctuary: Find inner peace Bible Study
icon-salt SALT: Secrets of the Samaritans Devotional
icon-pj Praise Journal: Manage difficult emotions Bible Study
icon-a Alabanza: Convertir emociones difíciles Estudio Bíblico
icon-sacar Sacar: Profundice su espiritualidad Devocional Diario
icon-y 盐:世上的盐 灵修
icon-zm 赞美:转换负面的情绪 灵修
icon-fb Feel Better: Transform negative emotions Self-Help
icon-ocl Outline Coach (Free): Create compelling presentations! Tool
icon-oc Outline Coach (Pro): Create compelling presentations! Tool

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